10 Films you may have missed

Some films don’t quite fly under the radar, but equally don’t take the spotlight. We’ve listed ten films you may (or may not) have missed that we think are well worth a watch.

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell’s directorial debut It Follows is a tense, paranoia inducing horror with a phenomenal score to back it up. The film is set around Maika Monroe’s character Jay, who is forced into dealing with a supernatural stalker.
It Follows will have you looking over your shoulder for the rest of the day after you watch it, but it’s well worth the sacrifice.

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2019 Releases we can’t wait to see


It’s fair to say that Jordan Peele’s stock is soaring among the stars following his directorial debut Get Out, and he’s wasting no time in bringing us more nightmarish content with Us.
The first trailer teased a story rooted much deeper in the genre of horror than Get Out (which isn’t to understate the horrific elements of the film), it looks like Lupita Nyong’o & Winston Duke’s family are in for a rough ride as their demonic doppelgangers hunt them down.
Unlike some films which show so much of the movie inside five three minute trailers that they may as well just roll the credits at the end, the most exciting thing about Us is that you get the distinct feeling that much more lies beneath the surface.

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Throwaway Film’s 2018 review

2018 felt like a transitional year for film, superhero movies refuse to die, mid-budget movies move to Netflix as oppose to releasing at the cinema, the ‘Me Too’ movement re-defines accountability within (and outside) the industry. It felt like one of the years where you realise its significance much later, where you look back and can see the defining points clear as day. But not to look too far ahead at the consequence of this year, we decided to celebrate what we loved in 2018, here’s a roundup of what stood out to us.

Top 5 movies

New Project

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A love letter to physical media

I love Netflix, I really do. 

Annihilation & Apostle were two of my favourite films released in 2018, and thanks to Netflix I was able to watch them on the day of release, without even leaving my room. But as much as I enjoyed these movies, I was left with a twinge of sadness that I wouldn’t be able to buy them in my local HMV anytime soon (fortunately Annihilation now has a physical release date).

Pre-order Annihilation here

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James Wan crafts a cinematic odyssey filled with wonder, vibrant world-building & water. Lots and lots of water.

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I feel obliged to start this review by mentioning my bias, I love DC, I have done for many years and won’t ever claim that this doesn’t have an impact on the way I see their films.  That being said, I think all reviews have a level of bias in them, as we are literally cataloging our likes and dislikes.

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